WordDraw began with a small group of artists during the covid lockdown. Each day members of the group submit and share a drawing inspired by a single word offered by one of the group. Janet posts hers daily on instagram.

Mondays word NARROW.

The NARROW gap between a stranger and a friend.
Fridays word: EXEMPLARY.

An EXEMPLARY study of 2 archetypes talking about art that was way above there heads!
Thursdays word: COCOON.

My COCOON against the winter wind.
Wednesdays word: XENIAL.

The lost hope for EXNIAL qualities at the border.
Tuesdays word: CHILLY.

CHILLY memory lanes.
Mondays word: INDIGNANT.

An INDIGNANT sea lashing a fragile boat and a single heartbeat.
Fridays word: START.

This is not the START but the end.
Thursday's  word: ALIGN.

When the body and the mind MISALIGNED.