Mondays word: STAY.

To fragility and all those who are currently  STAY stitching their lives back together.
Fridays word: ANODYNE 
A most ANODYNE experience ..... delay with drizzle.
Thursdays word: Font.
A couple of FONTS. One is a rubbing taken from a found object today on the road to the sea. The other based on a recent dream.
Wednesdays word: DRAIN.
The old open water tank (now the plant nursery) were the recent heavy rains DRAIN into the corner and gets scooped out with a bucket before the  mosquitos arrive.
Tuesday Word; STEPS to the old Apothiki and a blue clear sky.
Mondays word:The CONTINUOUS muddle of the garden hose.
Fridays word: The Winter SQUALL and the last remaining sun shade. (The rest got flushed out to sea).
Thursdays word: QUEST.

The daily QUEST. Litter picking Komito beach. One small step for man....( Neil Armstrong)