Reconnect at Plastico 2.7.2021 – 30.7.2021

Janet Flynn’s paintings  invite us to disconnect from the confusion and uncertainty of recent times. Her paintings are a series of exquisitely observed insights into the natural world, its constantly changing colours, moods and seasons. The love of nature is a common language, like music and art, but one we often forget. Her paintings are a gentle reminder of the power of nature to heal. She helps us reconnect and rebalance.

This body of work has been produced during the past year when Janet kept returning to her paints, holding within her a sacred space for nature and the rhythm of the universe. The exhibition has been curated by Dubai gallerist, Sharon Harvey.

She has conquered a world of her own. Whilst she switches effortlessly between renovating her home, preparing the surrounding land to be planted, and her paint brushes, she bears deep within the memory of humanity and of the earth. Iconic symbolism of our state of being in this current time is to be found in many of her paintings. 

“The earth seems to be reacting, it feeds into your psyche” says Janet. 

Janet is inspired by Helen Frankenthaler, an abstract expressionist painter, as well as Mark Rothko and Ivon Hitchens. 

 “And I feel above me the day-blind stars waiting with their light. For a time I rest in the grace of the world, and am free.”

– Wendell Berry