Mondays word: BRAZEN. A BRAZEN attempt for the valiant to get discreetly changed on a busy steep and bumpy path to then swim in a  treacherously cold lake resulting in severe Reynards for some hardy swimmers. Baggni Regina Giovanna roman ruin. Sorrento.
Fridays word: FLUMMOXED . Passengers looking slightly FLUMMOXED at the food counter. Gate C. Athens.
Thursdays word: PAN. PANS having a chat about who's next to get hot!
Wednesdays word: QUENCH.On my walk past Voulgari beach today I was struck by the stretching arms of the Tamarisk trees as though they reached out to the sea to QUENCH their thirst.
Tuesdays Word. WHIRL.Study for WHIRLING over the deep Blue.
Monday word: LOGIC. Pondering the LOGIC and logistics of drawing the  amazing rock formations around Kokkina bay.
Fridays word. FAST: Quick sketch of a FAST mover. (Detail)
Thursdays word CLIMB.CLIMBING the steps made by shadows as I contemplate the new builds around Komito.
Wednesday word: PAROCHIAL. A local antisocial PAROCHIAL.
Tuesdays word BLUE: Dereliction and the deep blue, such breathtaking contradictions of history and timelessness.
Mondays word: SKILL. It's taken a lot of SKILLS  to renovate this amount of dilapidation.
Fridays word: SLOW. The SLOW burn downward dog for over 60's
Thursday word:SUPERNATURAL. SUPERNATURAL qualities  of practicing various methods of levitation in room 101.
Wednesdays word: ON. Whilst we are ON the subject..... whatever happened to baby Jane?
Todays word: STRETCH. Yoga STRETCHES for the over 60's to promote healthy mind, body and spirit. With the odd grunt, groan and  ouch!
Mondays word: ESCHEW. I ESCHEW the memory of that night I left my chair to speak to you.