Land Marks exhibition 2022

September 2022 saw Janet’s second exhibition on Syros in the Tsiropina Mansion. The Neoclassical Mansions of Della Grazia adorn the island of Syros with their exquisite architecture and lush gardens.

Alongside exhibiting her work of over 50 pieces produced in the preious year she presented drawing workshops.

Fisured Rocks

25.5cm x 34 cm

Oil on board Float mounted

Birthday Letter

37cm x 27cm

Mixed media

Blue Cat

27cm x 37cm

Oil on paper

The Pier

20 x25.5 cm

Mixed media

Future. Past. Perfect

80 x 100 cm

Oil on canvas

Blue Harbour

29cm x 35cm

Oil on board Float mounted

Harvest time

25 x 45 cm

Oil on paper

Good Catch

18 x 53.5 cm

Oil on board Float mounted